Police officers faced sexually suggestive patrons during a raid on a gay bar in Fort Worth, Texas last month, a just released police report claims.

The report alleges that Rainbow Lounge patrons blew kisses, groped agents and simulated sex acts with police officers as they carried out their June 28 joint inspection with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

According to the report, men and women “were reaching their hands out to touch officers, and moving their bodies in a sexually suggestive manner” as officers inspected the club.

“I was walking behind Sgt. Morris and a white female wearing a white shirt and blue pants [identified as Rene Crosby] jumped away from the bar and a glass beer bottle in each hand, and towards Sgt. Morris and leaning her hips forward and making physical contact with Sgt. Morris' left buttock in a sexually explicit manner with him from behind. I grabbed Crosby by the back of her shirt and pulled her away from Sgt. Morris for Sgt. Morris' safety,” the report says.

“As I was walking behind Mr. Brown [Dylan Brown], while removing him from the bar, I felt my gun being pushed on, and turned around to see a male [identified as Jose Maczas] behind me. I felt my gun being pushed, I let go of Mr. Brown, and I spun around and grabbed Maczas' right hand, moving it away from my gun, and I saw Maczas leaning his hips forward and making physical contact with my right leg, as if he were having sex with me from behind.”

In the VIP area “Officer Back approached [George Armstrong]. Officer Back asked Armstrong how much he had to drink, Armstrong replied 'I just got here man' and then Armstrong kissed two of his fingers and then blew a kiss at Officer Back. Officer Back then asked Armstrong again how much alcohol he had consumed, he stated 'I just got here man, I have had about two drinks.' Armstrong then kissed his fingers again and again blew another kiss at Officer Back.”

The report, written by Officer K. Gober and dated Tuesday, July 7 (10 days after the incident), also includes the police account of how Chad Gibson sustained a serious head injury that required hospitalization.

Eye witnesses allege Gibson was injured inside the club when officers slammed his head against a wall. But the police report says Gibson injured himself outside of the club when he fell and hit his head.

“Shortly after Armstrong was placed in handcuffs and escorted outside, TABC Agents Aller and Chapman were attempting to put [Chad Gibson] into handcuffs. This was near the bathroom … Gibson had reached toward TABC Agent Aller's groin area and tapped Agent Aller's testicles with his hand. [Officers] could not get the flexcuffs properly placed on Gibson for his safety. … Officer Jensen utilized a pressure point under Gibson's nose trying to gain compliance.”

The report claims Gibson continued to resist arrest even after officers had placed him in regular handcuffs, and was taken outside the club.

“TABC Agents maintained care, custody, and control of Gibson. TABC Agent Chapman later informed officers that Gibson had been staggering and started to vomit. Gibson was instructed by TABC Agents to sit down. Gibson refused to sit down, but then leaned forward to vomit, and fell to the ground with his hands still back behind his back in the flex handcuffs. Gibson hit his right side of his head on the concrete in the parking lot.”

The inspection at the Rainbow Lounge is under internal investigation by both agencies, and Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief has called for a federal review of the police department's investigation. Police officers have been desked. And Police Chief Jeff Halstead has announced the indefinite suspension of all joint operations between the two agencies.

The incident has drawn loud protests from the gay and lesbian community, which has called the raid “police harassment.” Six people were arrested for public intoxication during the inspection.