Two openly gay men are among the seven socialites featured in cable channel Bravo's new Miami Social reality show.

Social takes a look at the hot Miami club scene, and it includes two gay players.

Michael Cohen, a former In Touch entertainment editor turned struggling entrepreneur, and Ariel Stein, a fashion producer. The show also includes a bisexual woman, Russian photographer Maria Lankina.

The remaining cast includes: Katrina Campins, a former The Apprentice contestant, Sorah Daiha, a real estate agent, Hardy Hill, who appeared on Big Brother 2 and heads an event company, and George French, Sorah's ex-husband and a mortgage banker.

Much like the Real Housewives franchise that Bravo pushes, Social is about “real life” drama, and except for a few tweaks – a greater emphasis on tanned bodies and hooking up – Housewives fans will feel right at home once the cat fights begin.

The gay men in particular, Cohen and Stein, will delight voyeurs of such docudramas. Both men are serious works of self-indulgence.

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