If you yearn to see not only gay and lesbian couples on the small screen but gay families as well, then this little bit of gossip is for you. Season 4 of ABC's nighttime drama Brothers & Sisters will feature Kevin Walker and husband Scotty Wandell looking to become gay dads.

Keep this under your hat, 'cause it's only speculation at this point.

But Michael Ausiello over at The Ausiello Files blog, an Entertainment Weekly blog, dropped some strong hints Wednesday.

“The premiere [of Brothers & Sisters] will pick up roughly three months after the finale,” Ausiello says, “but little has changed: Kitty and Robert's marriage remains in train-wreck mode, Sarah is still playing the field, Nora is preparing for her weekly party from hell, and another Walker sib wants a baby.”

There are only 2 Walkers who'd want to be in a parental way. Justin Walker, who got engaged to Rebecca Harper in the season finale, and gay brother Kevin Walker, who is married to Scotty Wandell.

And before season 3 ended, several Walkers discussed the possibility that Kevin would make an excellent dad. (Technically, Kevin is already a gay dad. He is the biological father of brother Thomas Walker's daughter.) We're just saying.

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