Gay marriage foes in Maine announced Wednesday that they have managed to put gay marriage in the state on hold.

Officials behind the Stand for Marriage Maine coalition say they have gathered sufficient signatures to put up a recently enacted gay marriage law to a “people's veto.”

Mark Mutty, executive director of the group, said it took four weeks to gather the more than 55,000 signatures necessary to qualify the measure.

Once the signatures are certified by the state, the law will be placed on hold until after the results of a November election are known. Gay marriage was scheduled to begin September 12.

Stand for Marriage Maine is a coalition of anti-gay groups led by the National Organization for Marriage, the nation's most vociferous opponent of gay marriage, and the Catholic Diocese of Portland.

At least one statistician believes that gay marriage will survive the ballot box. Nate Silver, who blogs at, collected variables from all fifty states to conclude that gay marriage acceptance is increasing on average at 2% per year nationwide. This puts Maine among the 11 states that would most likely reject a gay marriage ban.