El Salvador's new leftist government of President Mauricio Funes is getting tough on fighting HIV/AIDS in the Central America country, the Spanish news agency EFE reported.

The administration said it expected more than 60,000 Salvadorans to take advantage of free HIV testing offered by the government on National HIV Test Day.

“I say with great satisfaction that in El Salvador, as everywhere else in the world, we are getting ready to conquer this epidemic,” Deputy Health Minister Violeta Menjivar said.

The new government took office June 1, and Menjivar said it is committed to fighting the AIDS pandemic, announcing that the health ministry will cover 100 percent of medication for patients.

Officials also say they understand that stigma against AIDS patients remains, especially among gay men.

“We have made the human and political decision to work against stigmas,” Menjivar said.

The administration says 22,000 Salvadorans have been infected with the virus that causes AIDS since 1984,another 692 people have tested positive in 2009.

“HIV is the most democratic virus in the world – it doesn't care if you are white, if you're rich or if you're poor. Anyone can get it,” Guillermo Galvan, national director of the HIV/AIDS Program, told the press.

Galvan urged Salvadorans to “overcome fear” and take the test.