Hundreds of people turned up at the Fort Worth Police Department just hours after police raided a gay bar early Sunday morning on the 40th anniversary of the gay rights movement, the Dallas Voice reported.

Citing the accompanying paddy wagon that rolled up to the Rainbow Lounge, located at 615 S. Jennings Street, about 1AM Sunday, the protesters called the raid police harassment, and demanded answers from the city.

According to eye witness reports, the police arrived at the bar unannounced with paddy wagons in tow, and proceeded to handcuff and arrest people. Patrons said the police were aggressive and threatening.

One man has been hospitalized after suffering a critical injury to the head. The paper released the name of the injured man, Chad Gibbons, late Sunday, and reported he was conscious.

“This looked like random harassment, plain and simple,” said Todd Camp, who was present during the raid and called for the rally.

The raid was conducted by officers of the Fort Worth Police Department and agents of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Late on Sunday, the police department issued a statement defending their actions.

“Alcohol beverage code inspections are conducted frequently at establishments located within the city limits of Fort Worth. These are conducted in order to ensure a safe environment for all.”

But the department's explanation for its heavy-handedness is likely to inflame the protesters. The police say at least three of the seven men arrested made “sexually explicit movements” towards the officers, a charge eye-witnesses deny.

“While walking through the Rainbow Lounge, an extremely intoxicated patron made sexually explicit movements toward the police supervisor. This individual was arrested for public intoxication. Another intoxicated individual also made sexually explicit movements towards another officer and he was arrested for public intoxication. A third individual inside the lounge assaulted the TABC agent by grabbing the TABC agent's groin. He was escorted outside and arrested for public intoxication.”

“No one was acting aggressive to officers,” Camp told the Star-Telegram.

“That is a lie, and I'm appalled by it,” J.R. Schrock, owner of the Rainbow Lounge, told the Dallas Voice. “We're gay, but we're not dumb.”

The protesters agree that bar inspections are routine in Fort Worth, but insist the inspection on the Rainbow Lounge was an aggressive raid meant to intimidate the GLBT community.

“Usually, they're very orderly and respectful – they work with the bar staff an check IDs, it's quick and painless,” Camp said. “This was not that. This was harassment, plain and simple.”

The raid comes on the day most people recognize as the birth of the modern gay rights movement, June 28. In 1969, the patrons of Greenwich Village's Stonewall Inn revolted against an aggressive New York City police department. For five days, thousands joined in protesting against police who often raided gay bars. Stonewall has become synonymous with gay rights.