Broadway hunk Nicholas Rodriguez is heading to Llandview, where he'll play the third man in a love triangle storyline involving three gay men.

The man-on-man storyline on daytime soap One Life to Live has been brewing in the background for a couple of weeks. At the center is the romance between Officer Fish (played by Scott Evans) and Kyle Lewis (played by Brett Claywell). The pair rekindle a steamy college affair, only to have it challenged by a third gay man, Latin lover Nick.

Enter Rodriguez, who is expected to make his debut as Nick on August 14, reported.

Rodriguez lands on the small screen after swinging from the rafters as Tarzan (in Tarzan) and hitting the high notes as Jesus (in Jesus Christ Superstar) on the stage.

With the introduction of gay storylines on As the World Turns and The Young & the Restless, daytime soap love is slowly turning rainbow colored.

But One Life to Live ups the ante; its gay storyline includes an openly gay actor: Scott Evans, who plays Officer Fish, is openly gay.

Evans recently talked about coming out publicly. “Maybe I should have thought about it more, but it was like I wanted to put myself first before my career,” he told gay weekly The Advocate. “I did not want to go through life having to deal with extra issues when I am dealing with trying to get a job. So I went, 'OK, this is me. Either you like or you don't.' Hopefully you can accept it, and if you can't, bummer.”

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