The gay brass behind the success of cable channel Bravo is moving in front of the camera with his own talk show.

Openly gay Bravo Senior Vice President of Production and Programming Andy Cohen is getting his own late-night talk show. Watch What Happens lands on Bravo Thursday, July 16.

Bravo's information distributors say the “chats” will include “lively debates and passionate discussions about everything from fashion, to the latest Housewives drama, to what celebrity news is making headlines that week.”

But what the minions don't share with us is how Cohen, who has overseen hit series such as The Real Housewives, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Project Runway and Top Chef for NBC Universal, will find the time to star in the daily half-hour gabfest.

The forty-one-year-old has been dishing it out on his Bravo blog since 2006, and yes it does glimmer gay.

“Why don't the Commies who h8 gay marriage just make the gays live in a sewer?” he kvelled last week.

“I love Fleet Week,” Cohen recently declared. “Even as the city streets are being OVERTAKEN by bike lanes and island and pedestrians, and gays are being thrown to the curb, there's always Fleet Week.”

Our minister of gay has arrived.

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