At Saturday's Brooklyn Gay Pride festival the gay message was scooped up – literally.

Doug Quint opened his whimsical Big Gay Ice Cream Truck at the gay festival Saturday. Offering a combination of gay activism and campy fun, Quint spent the day topping ice cream treats with Trix Cereal (“It's queer, colorful, and youngster-friendly, like us!” Quint said), cayenne pepper, maple syrup and fresh berries.

When we caught up with Quint on Wednesday, he told us the premiere roll was a huge success.

“I smiled so much that by the end of the day my face ached,” he said.

Quint, a bassoonist by trade who just finished coursework for his musical arts doctorate at CUNY, is a strong advocate for gay marriage. Will an ice cream treat help make a gay visibility message go down a bit smoother in a state where gay marriage finds itself stalled in the Legislature?

“I think the political issues that the truck inspires are partly a matter of timing,” Quint told On Top Magazine. “It came at the right moment. This has brought a new dimension to the project and I welcome it.”

“The initial inspiration was pure pipe dream, but then I came to see that there could be a cultural side effect.”

Quint is using social media to get out his rainbow message and help followers locate the truck for a quick queer treat. Saturday's successful launch was due in part to the truck's online buzz (Twitter updates @biggayicecream; blog at

“More than a few people who had been following the truck's development via online sources showed up at the launch,” he said. “They knew the backstory and came to see my weird vision become an even weirder reality.”

Expect to find the Big Ice Cream Truck in the West Village throughout the day and prowling the East Village/Chelsea bar scene at night.

“If you wear your BGICT swag, I'll top ya for free,” Quint said at this blog. “Sprinkle on.”