A national organization that lobbies against gay marriage is threatening to boot out Republican senators that vote in favor of a gay marriage bill waiting for Senate approval to become law in New York.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) announced Tuesday the creation of a Political Action Committee in New York to raise funds to back primary challengers of GOP Senators who vote in favor of gay marriage.

“Gay marriage is not high on the list of any voters' priorities, but again and again we've seen politicians respond to political money thrown around by [gay philanthropist] Tim Gill and his friends and ignore the wishes of their own constituents,” said Brian Brown, executive director of NOM, in a press release.

But it seems unlikely that the group will have to follow through on its threat. The gay marriage bill before the Senate is likely to remain stalled with only three official days left in the legislative session. The New York Senate also remains in a power struggle for majority leadership. Last week two Democrats – Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens – defected to the Republican aisle to hand power to the GOP. But Monserrate recanted this week, leaving both parties claiming leadership.

Still, stories persist that Republican lawmakers are considering using the gay marriage bill to lure Democrats across the aisle and seize control once again.

“If they get two or three more Democrats to join the 31-member [GOP] caucus, there's been discussion to give up the same-sex marriage bill if it gets them some Democrats,” New York state Conservative Party chairman Michael Long told the Washington Times.

As NOM works at keeping Republicans in line with heavy-handed threats, it's also hoping to seduce Empire State Democrats.

“The first half million dollars will be used in GOP primaries,” Brown said, “but we are also looking to aid Democratic candidates who want to buck the establishment on the marriage issue, and to help in general election contests.”

“When you have to spiral down to political threats it really illustrates that NOM is grasping at straws because they know they aren't winning on the arguments,” Alan Van Capelle, executive director of Empire State Pride Agenda, told Politico's Ben Smith.