Four teenagers in Florida have admitted to raping a 13-year-old boy and will be charged as adults, CNN reported.

The four teens were charged Wednesday on four counts of sexual battery.

CNN named the four underage defendants because they are being charged as adults, but the oldest is 15.

The teens took turns raping their flag-football teammate multiple times over several months with a broomstick and hockey stick inside the boys locker room at Walker Middle School in Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County prosecutors allege.

“The victim screamed and cried, telling them to stop,” Prosecutor Kimberly Hindman told the court.

Defendants admitted to the crime when confronted by school officials who had opened an investigation after a fight began on the football field between the victim and defendants.

The judge set the defendants free on $15,000 bail. The four face up to 120 years in jail.