The British gay camp comedy series Beautiful People premieres May 26 on gay channel Logo.

Beautiful People is the BBC Two six-part series that stars an effeminate 13-year-old schoolboy desperate to whitewash his homely – yet offbeat – family and live with the “beautiful people” of London.

The story is told in a series of flashbacks from present day New York City, where Barneys window-dresser Simon Doonan relives stories from his childhood in 1997 Reading, England to his assistant-turned-boyfriend Sacha.

In Reading, he shares his dream of escape and being fabulous with glam queen Kyle, who Simon calls Kylie.

Thirteen-year-old Simon is played by Luke Ward-Wilkinson, and adult Simon by Samuel Barnett in New York scenes.

In one episode, Simon's father, an Irish plumber working on becoming an at-home winemaker, attempts to man up his son by teaching him the fundamentals of football (British football, that is). Simon at first resists, until he learns that singing sensation Posh spice is dating a footballer. Being well choreographed, Simon naturally wins a school football match and is rewarded with the Posh spice doll he wished for.

In the end, Beautiful People is about being gay – and not being bound by it – while trapped in a world a bit hostile to that but managing to find a rainbow-hued escape hatch that allows you to breathe.

In a 2008 interview, the real Simon Doonan, whose memoir is the basis for the series, said of the show: “The message of the show is very Wizard Of Oz – there's no place like home. Where are the beautiful people? Well, it's probably your blind auntie that you grew up with.”

Last time the Brits exported a pink-hot camp comedy it was Absolutely Fabulous, a fact MTV-owned Logo is counting on.

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