A nine-year-old boy put on his own rally for gay marriage at the Colorado State Capitol Saturday, reports The Denver Post.

Ethan McNamee stood on the west steps of the Capitol and told supporters: “I believe I am doing the right thing. I hope this rally will make an impact and let our voices be heard.”

The third-grader said he decided to weigh in on the issue of gay marriage after learning that one of his friends had two moms that could not be married in Colorado.

Ethan's rally was an independent class project, overseen by his teacher, Kyle Kimmal, who said he worked hard not to impose his views on the boy. Kimmal also arranged for a rally permit.

Speakers at the rally included local politicians and gay rights leaders, including members of the GLBT Community Center of Colorado and a local chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PLFLAG).

Colorado voters agreed to place a gay marriage ban in the state constitution in 2006, but a proposed measure filed by two citizens, Stu Allen of Lakewood and Hallie Atencio of Denver, might change that. The measure seeks to override Amendment 43 and allow gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. Voters might see Allen's proposal on the 2010 ballot.