A gay man in Florida has been gunned down in his driveway in what one police officer described as an “assassination,” reports WPBF, an ABC affiliate.

Thirty-year-old Mark Harriss was shot more than 12 times in the driveway of his home in Delray Beach, Florida. The killing occurred on Monday, about 8:30PM, as Harriss returned home from a KFC restaurant.

Harriss' body was pumped with bullets dispensed from a gun at close range, detectives said at a Thursday news conference.

“Many shots were fired and it appears it was at a close range,” said Sargent Russ Mager.

Police have not ruled out homophobia as motivation for the killing. Harriss, who worked as a manager at the Best Western hotel in Boca Raton, had a clean criminal record.

“I can't speculate to the actual motive at this time,” Detective Troy Baer said. “But we are considering every possibility.”

Claude Fox, director of the Florida Public Health Institute and a friend of Harriss, described him as a “really nice guy.” “I just can't imagine why anybody would be shot this many times unless this was a crime of hatred or a crime of passion.”