Donald Trump's NBC hit The Apprentice has crossed the pond, where Sir Alan Sugar calls the shots and sacks contestants unfit for duty. The latest to get cut was Mona Lewis, a former Tanzanian beauty queen, amid allegations of homophobia.

Billionaire entrepreneur and media personality Sugar began his Trump impersonation in 2005, when BBC Two aired the first season of The Apprentice UK.

This week's firing came amid allegations of homophobia.

Twenty-eight-year-old Lewis grumbled along when her team was tasked to revitalize the sagging tourism industry of the seacoast town of Margate. The group lost the task with the idea of attracting gay and lesbian tourists, and Lewis was blamed for her salty demeanor.

After losing the task, fingers were pointed at Lewis, and she returned to the boardroom to face Sugar.

While Trump's boardroom might hearken back to train titans of the past with wood paneling and mood lighting, Sugar holds court in a minimalist modern setting.

And that's where she said it: Lewis' defense for not supporting her team and the concept of gay tourism was that she had “spoken to a gay person.” In fact, Lewis did manage a conversation with a transgender person at a local gay bar – looking tragically uncomfortable.

Sugar disagreed and fired the beauty queen.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Lewis said she lost because she's “boring” and is supportive of gay people. “At the end of the day, it's the people all around me that I care about the most. I do have a lot of gay friends.”