Iowa Senator Tom Harkin has made an about-face on gay marriage, saying Friday he no longer supports a gay marriage ban.

Speaking on the PBS program Iowa Press, Harkin, a Democrat, said he would vote against a ban on gay marriage in Iowa.

“I would vote against it,” Harkin said.

Harkin's comments contradict earlier statements he's made. In 1996, he voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the law that defines marriage as a heterosexual union for the federal government and allows states to ignore legal gay marriages performed in other states.

“Well, you know, we all grow as we get older and we learn things and we become more sensitive to people and people's lives and the more I've looked at that [gay marriage] I've grown to think differently about how we should live. I guess I've got to the point of live and let live.”

Iowa legalized gay marriage on April 3 after its Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a ban was unconstitutional. Social conservatives and many Republicans have called for a referendum that would ban gay marriage in the state constitution, effectively overturning the court's decision.

Last month, Harkin issued a statement saying his “personal view has been that marriage is between a man and a woman,” but later added that he would “respect and support” the decision of the court.

Today, Harkin said the issue would fade away and that in the future people will wonder what the fuss was about.

“You know there's always going to be some who feel that they have to push this issue, and, for whatever reason, they are going to push it and try to divide people, but they're on the losing end. They are on the losing end of history,” he said.

In March, New York Senator Charles Schumer announced that his opinion on gay and lesbian unions had changed. He said he now supports gay marriage and the repeal of DOMA.

Iowa's Republican senator, Chuck Grassley, has called for a “thoroughly planned” and bipartisan effort to repeal gay marriage in Iowa.