Maine Governor John Baldacci has signed a gay marriage bill, making Maine the fifth state to legalize gay marriage, the AP reports.

Senators held a final vote Wednesday on Senator Dennis S. Damon's gay marriage bill that passed the House Tuesday on an 89 to 57 vote. The final tally in the Senate was 21 to 13, with one senator absent.

House members also rejected an amendment that would have sent the question of gay marriage directly to the voters.

Maine is the second state to approve gay marriage legislatively, instead of by court order. Last month, Vermont became the first state to legislatively approve gay marriage after lawmakers passed a gay marriage bill over the objections of its governor, Jim Douglas.

Maine's actions expand the number of New England states that allow gay marriage to four, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont included. Massachusetts will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the state Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage on May 17.

Lawmakers in New Hampshire, another New England state, are also poised to send a gay marriage bill to their governor, Democrat John Lynch, who has remained mum on whether he'll sign the legislation into law, but has indicated in the past that he favors civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.

Baldacci, a Democrat, previously stated he does not support gay marriage.

Gay marriage foes have already announced they will push for repeal with a “people's veto” referendum.

Lawmakers in New York and Rhode Island are considering similar legislation.