Poor gay millionaire. He's got two homes, a booming business, but no love. Short on time (and apparently expertise) he calls in a matchmaker to couple him up. And we get to watch it all on Bravo's hit reality series Millionaire Matchmaker.

It's the show's season finale and our matchmaker, Patti Stanger, is taking on her first gay client, publicity guru Kevin Grangier.

“We're going to find Kevin true love,” Stanger tells her staff. “I want my first gay millionaire to be a success story.”

But gay matchmaking rookie Stanger is off to a bad start. Consider the fact that she says, “I love the gays.” And Grangier's floored when she asks that late-night line: Are you a top or a bottom?

Stanger introduces Grangier as a feverish workaholic who divides his time between West Hollywood and his country estate in Kentucky, where he ultimately plays host to his date.

Finding love with a black Amex in your wallet is a dicey proposition, Grangier tells gay weekly Windy City Times.

“I was cautious, as I always am,” Grangier said about being matched up with a gold-digger. “There were guys in the mixer who I definitely stayed away from because I thought [money] was their primary objective, but someone who's in my shoes would be pretty used to dealing with that.”

Even so, Grangier tells the paper, he was “content” with his date.

The episode premieres May 7 on cable channel Bravo.

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