Leaders of Queer and Allied Activism (QUAL) at the University of Virginia are planning an anti-hate rally Thursday in response to a recent gay-bashing incident on the university grounds.

An unidentified male student and a friend were attacked by five young men on April 4, police report.

Police allege the pair were jumped walking home from a friend's house around 3:30AM outside the university's Scott Stadium by five white males between the ages of 16 and 20.

The men snatched a cell phone being used by one of the men to call for help and smashed it as they yelled anti-gay slurs. The two attempted to escape but the pack chased down the UVa student and hit him in the back of the head. The eighteen-year-old student was treated at the university's medical center for minor injuries.

University leaders called the attack an instance of gay bashing.

“Based upon the facts as we currently know them, we believe this to be a bias-motivated crime, in that the perceived sexual orientation of the two victims appears to have motivated the assault,” wrote UVa Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Allen W. Groves in a statement.

Virginia does not include sexual orientation in its hate-crime law.

QUAL President Seth Kaye said he was outraged that gay-bashing would occur on the grounds of a university that felt gay inclusive. “They were kinda shocked that something like this could happen here, but I think hatred is everywhere ... what we're hoping is, people can change their language ... stop saying things like that's 'so gay',” Kaye told WCAV, a Charlottesville-based ABC affiliate.

Hundreds of student are expected to gather tomorrow at 6:30PM at the university's Amphitheater to rally against hate.

“We're just hoping the community can come together and say this is not OK, we can't have that on grounds or really anywhere in our society,” Kaye said.