The tiny seaport town of Gloucester, Massachusetts – about 30 miles north of Boston – was rocked Saturday by a violent attack on a gay man.

Two brothers have been arrested for the beating of Justin Goodwin, 33, of Salem reports The Boston Globe.

Goodwin, a gay man, was beaten outside Old Timer's Tavern after being removed from the bar. Reports say his attackers shouted anti-gay slurs as they shattered his jaw and broke his nose, an eye socket and a cheek bone. The damage required nearly ten hours of surgery Sunday at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston and Goodwin is expected to undergo further surgery. His jaw will be wired shut for about two months, family members said.

Gloucester police arrested two brothers Monday in connection with the crime. Johnathan Chadwick, 23, and William Chadwick, 21, were charged with aggravated assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Goodwin claims he was approached by a group of about five men yelling gay-slurs when he arrived at the tavern with his sister, Kalem, and her boyfriend. The bar's bouncer decided to toss out everyone involved in the incident, including Goodwin, through a back door that led into an alleyway.