L Word creator Ilene Chaiken's spinoff of the popular lesbian drama appears to have unspun. Variety is reporting that Showtime has passed on The Farm after screening the show's pilot.

The Farm picks up where L Word ended, with the murder of the show's most conflicted character, Jenny Schecter (Mia Kirshner). The series is set in a women's prison and includes both lesbian and straight characters. Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) winds up in that prison, accused of being Jenny's murderer.

But Chaiken never revealed the identity of Jenny's murderer and the spinoff was certain to revolve around Alice's quest to prove her innocence – a tempting twist providing ample opportunities to revisit the ever popular ladies of L Word.

The show starred Famke Janssen, Melissa Leo and Laurie Metcalfe along with Hailey.

AfterEllen.com, a blog devoted to lesbian entertainment, lamented the loss: “With the L Word over and The Farm unlikely to air, there are few regular lesbian or [female] bisexual characters slated to appear on primetime cable or premium TV in the near future. There are currently no lesbian characters in regular roles on primetime broadcast TV, and only three regular [female] bisexual characters.”

The ladies of L Word took their final bows on March 8.

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