A gay student attending Cinco Ranch High School in Houston was found shot dead last week; his alleged killer is another gay teen he met on the Internet, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Authorities say 19-year-old Spenser Vogt was shot dead with two gunshots to the head. His body was found late Wednesday wrapped in a tarp and dumped on Houston's south side.

Lee Carl Banks III, also 19, has confessed to the murder, police say. Banks was stopped by police near Cairo, Georgia driving Vogt's Mitsubishi Eclipse early Monday. He was in possession of the .38-caliber pistol police believe was used to shoot Vogt.

The two men allegedly met on the Internet at a gay hook-up site. Police believe the murder took place in Bank's home and searched the residence last week.

Banks confessed to killing Vogt and told investigators where he had dumped the body. Authorities are currently working on returning Banks to Houston to face a murder charge.

Vogt's mother reported him missing to police on March 28, a Saturday.