A Chicago police officer is being hit with seven lawsuits that allege he targeted gay men and lesbians for false arrests, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Leaders of the Gay Liberation Network, a group that advocates for gay rights, said four more lawsuits were being added to three already filed in February.

The suits allege police Officer Richard Fiorito targeted gay and lesbian drivers for arrest. Fiorito is accused of arresting drivers for DUI when they were not intoxicated.

One of the suits filed in February, also accuses Fiorito of excessive force. Shawn Rauch says Fiorito grabbed him by the throat in the police station, shoved him against a wall and called him a gay slur.

The arrests took place in the gay-friendly neighborhood known as Boystown on the city's north side.

“This guy was operating in the heart of the gay entertainment district for years acting on his anti-gay animus and no one in an official [capacity] was calling him out on it,” Andy Thayer, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network, said during a press conference to discuss the suits.

In a statement, attorney Jon Erickson said Fiorito is among the state's highest writers of DUI tickets and was honored last year by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Thayer added that his cases are “routinely” thrown out in court. And blamed the city and police department with failing to stop the abuses.