Saturday's Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards was star-studded. Comedian Kate Clinton hosted the ceremony where financial-guru Suze Orman, media personality Phil Donahue and model Tyra Banks were honored.

Openly lesbian Orman called on gays to “invest in companies that invest in you” and Banks thanked the gay community for believing in her.

On Thursday, that's no longer news. But new clips of celebrities at the event have surfaced.

At the show's red carpet this year was OUTTAKEOnline CEO Charlotte Robinson who has just posted a new crop of interview clips at her website.

“I do feel that the folks that voted for Prop 8 [the voter initiative that placed a gay marriage ban in the constitution] in California in a very few short years will be very embarrassed,” said Tony-winning and openly lesbian actress Cherry Jones.

Singer Clay Aiken spoke about his recent coming out on the cover of People magazine.

“I don't think anybody ever has any control of their own story at all,” Aiken said. “Would I change anything in the past 5 years? No.”

Openly lesbian producer JD DiSalvatore spoke about winning a Media Award for the coming out film Shelter.

“I actually got three more projects in the pipeline, they're all really similar to Shelter,” she said. “My motto is until the big studios decide to make our films, then I'm perfectly happy sitting down here using what little money I can get to make films that are important to us.”

And media personality Phil Donahue once again proved he's a gay ally with a big heart.

“What do you hope to see for the future?” Robinson asked.

“A world without closets,” Donahue replied. “A place where love can be expressed freely and without anxiety. A world that values gay and lesbian love as much as we see in the movies kind of love. And sees people as irreplaceable; as the church might say: children of God. Entitled to the same rights and protections as all the other children.”

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