Bowing to pressure from conservative groups and viewers, a popular Australian soap opera has edited out an upcoming lesbian kiss, reports The Australian.

Producers of the long-running Home and Away soap opera, which airs on the Seven Network, have been forced to cut out a kiss between cop Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson) and deckhand Joey Collins (Kate Bell). The smooch occurs after the pair share a tender dance on the deck of a boat.

Controversy erupted after Melbourne's Herald Sun wrote about the upcoming episode with the gossipy headline “Gay TV for Kids.” The drama is broadcast at 7PM in Australia and 6PM in the United Kingdom on channel Five.

After publication of the story, mothers complained about the scene to the network, saying they did not want their children exposed to gay relationships.

The conservative group Pro-Family Perspectives labeled such television part of the “gay agenda.”

“To me there's no difference – love's love,” Anderson, who plays one of the ladies involved in the scene, said. “The fact that your partner's the same sex is no different. You just want to be loved.”

Home and Away is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. It premiered on January 17, 1988.