The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) honored financial-guru Suze Orman, Phil Donahue and Tyra Banks at its 20th annual Media Awards hosted by comedian Kate Clinton in New York on Saturday.

Openly gay T.R. Knight presented the Vito Russo award to Orman, who urged the audience to “invest in companies that invest in you.”

“I want every single one of you in this room to take note of what corporations put their time and money behind gays, behind lesbians – behind you,” Orman said in accepting her award.

“Do you want to continue to give your money to people in corporations that oppress us, that keep us down? Or do you want to give your money to the corporations who can help us rise and change what needs to be changed in the United States today,” she added.

The first-ever gay television-to-movie crossover Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom tied with the coming out story Shelter in the Outstanding Film – Limited Release category.

And the controversial film about the lives of gay men and lesbians in Muslim countries A Jihad For Love won the Best Documentary.

Also honored was Phil Donahue, a long time gay community ally and television personality. Donahue said in accepting his award: “The majority of the people in the nation agree with us. Our job now is to summon these people to stand up and say so out loud. To tell them to join us. To march the lavender line with us down Fifth Avenue, and to remind them, when they do join us, they're going to meet a lot of nice people.”

Tyra Banks received the Excellence in Media award. In accepting her award, the model and television star thanked the gay and lesbian community for believing in her.

“You were the ones that told me that my ass was beautiful,” Banks said.

Also honored were journalists, publishers and theater productions that accurately reflected the lives of the gay and lesbian community.