Police are investigating a hate-motivated attack that left a gay couple unconscious on an Oregon beach.

The men, both 22, were on vacation from Washington state where they attend nursing school, KATU a Portland ABC affiliate reports.

The incident occurred late Saturday night after the men separated from a campfire on a Seaside (pop. 5,900) beach. The attackers, described as three or four young white men, asked if they were gay and proceeded to beat them up.

“All of the sudden, someone asked if we're gay, called us 'fags', then started punching us,” one of the victims identified as Samson (pictured on left) said.

The attack left the men unconscious on the beach late Saturday.

Seaside police logs show they responded to a call at about 1:45AM Sunday morning after the two men stumbled to a nearby Best Western hotel seeking help. Officer Jeff Oja is listed as responding to the incident.

“It's upsetting to know that people can be so angry,” said Samson. “We're easy-going people, and we're just having a good time and meeting new friends. Some people can be so malicious and narrow-minded.”

The second man, Kevin, has medical insurance, but Samson, who suffered a severe eye injury, does not.

Police say they would like to question some of the people at the campfire.