Top chef Cat Cora has announced she is pregnant with her first son. Her partner, however, will beat her to the delivery room by three months with another boy.

The couple, domestic partnered in California, have been together for nearly ten years. The Iron Chef America star first revealed the pregnancies on her MySpace page.

“(Jennifer) carried my embryo and I carried hers,” Cora told OK Magazine. “It's like surrogating, but obviously all of our kids are equal.”

The couple already has two sons carried by Jennifer, Zoran, 5, and 22-month-old Caje.

Cora, 41, is due to deliver in July, three months after 37-year-old Jennifer.

“Jennifer and I are thrilled to go through the wonderful experience of pregnancy together. We started the in-vitro process 5 years ago,” Cora said. “This has been a miracle for us and we'll now have 4 beautiful children.”

The couple used a unique technique that allowed each to carry the other's biological child using sperm donated by the same anonymous father. In the case of Jennifer's pregnancy, both women's embryos were implanted, making the child's biological mother unknown.