In a single moment two women's lives are altered in director Emma Keltie's short film Lightswitch.

Filmed on location off the coast of Australia, the film is certain to leave viewers with conflicting interpretations.

As the story of what happens when apathetic and timid college student Danielle accidentally mets free spirited, but heavy-hearted, Shauna at a local pub begins, audiences will inevitably race to the happily-ever-after conclusion. But this is Outback country, where things are more complicated and neither character is ready to put all her cards on the table.

Their brief affair alters who they are and what they might be pursuing, but in the final frame there is no telling if the women are moving towards each other or pushing away.

Lightswitch stars Kylie Watson as Shauna and Lara Dignam as Danielle. Both women give above-the-mark performances, and have endowed their characters with complex emotions despite the film's brief 25 minute length.

But the film's love story skates on thin ice due to a lack of intimacy between the women. The decision to keep the cameras out of the bedroom – the most logical place to establish romance – needs to be examined.

The film is described as an “exploration” of an instant connection by co-writer Natalie Krikowa.

The unexpected affair is “the catalyst for the characters to move forward,” Krikowa told On Top Magazine. “We don't know where Danielle goes, that's left up to the viewer to decide and we don't really know what is wrong with Shauna – we just know they are stronger for having met each other.”

The film, which premiered last month in Los Angeles, is expected to move into the gay and lesbian film festival circuit.

The film's production company, Down Dere Films, is busy prepping a DVD, which it says will be loaded with many extras, including a behind the scenes featurette.

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