In the heart of even the most well-adjusted gay person lurks the fear of a lynching by a possessed God-fearing mob in some remote backwoods lot far removed from civilization. It's not rational, but neither is fear.

Horror gay-themed filmmakers – perhaps buoyed by the success of mainstream gay-themed movies – have begun mining this irrational fear.

The latest evidence of this trend can be found in SouthPaw Pictures' A Far Cry From Home!.

Cry stars Alan Rowe Kelly – who also wrote and directed the film – as Elaine, a cross dressing man whose boyfriend mistakenly stops to check out the Hung by a Thread junk shop located off the beaten path from gay purgatory.

Soon the couple find themselves being chased by a fire and brimstone mob of rabid homo haters and their Bible-thumping preacher bent on taking the pair to their graves in a most horrific way.

The film echoes director Jaymes Thompson's The Gay Bed & Breakfast Of Terror, where boy-monster Manfred, who was spawned from the semen of a 100 Republican convention delegates, instinctively gnaws and mauls at the gay and lesbian guests who check in (but don't check out) at his mother's inn, also off the beaten path.

Production values in Cry remain high, a well-edited score tightens the pace of the film, and it does not bore with a predictable ending.

Kelly offers a persuasive performance as the drag queen in peril – her last bloody gasp certain to become a cult favorite.

Regrettably, the film risks capsizing on weak character development. A gay audience will naturally cheer on the film's damsel in distress as she struggles to free herself from her monstrous captors, but otherwise we have no real sense of who she is or why we should root for her.

But if getting to know Elaine is not your saucer of blood, then this gory tale will scare you fine.

A Far Cry From Home! screened at the Tromadance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and will also unspool at Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Chicago, which opens March 6.