In the gay dads documentary Fostering Love we find two men who treasure their kids above everything else.

During the Prop 8 debate about gay marriage most gay men and lesbians raced to protect the right not because they had wedding bells in their immediate future, but because it came to symbolize a life less valued, a second-class citizenship.

In Wednesday's Discovery Health premiere presentation of Fostering Love, we meet gay dads Mark and Jim, a California couple for whom marriage and family is at the center of their relationship.

Producers find the couple as they're packing up to move their family – Mark's 16-year-old biological son Andrew, 2-year-old Dillon, whom the couple raised from birth and have since adopted, and newborn Olivia, who is in their foster care and who they would like to adopt – to the country.

Everyone is going to live on an alpaca farm.

The two dads have populated their farm with 40 animals and have lots to tend to. Jim is a stay-at-home dad, while Mark is adjusting to working from home.

As we get to know the family, we share in their milestones. They get married, and fight to keep Olivia.

Complications with Olivia's birth mother could mean the end of her adoption. We find out that the dads have already had to relinquish two other children after starting the adoption process.

But even as baby Olivia's adoption threatens heartbreak, the dads open their home to a 15-year-old boy whose grandmother died unexpectedly. And Jim makes plans to have a biological baby with a longtime female friend.

Fostering Love is not only about the joys of fatherhood, it captures the joys of gay coupling and parenting with all its entanglements.

Fostering Love premieres on Discovery Health on Wednesday, February 18.