We've come a long way baby, but is America ready for average gays?

Hollywood has a long history of portraying gays and lesbians as exceptional creatures of fabulous talent, wealth, good taste and physical prowess. The lesbians who pussyfoot about on Showtime's L Word and the pure fantasy of a sizzling Pittsburgh gay scene of hunky men and easy sex depicted in Queer As Folk are just the latest incarnations of this archetype.

But a new drama taking shape at ABC may herald the era of the ordinary gay.

ABC has greenlighted a half-hour comedy series that revolves around the lives of three families living in Chicago. An American Family features a traditional family, one that includes a sixty-year-old man who becomes a stepfather after marrying a Latina thirty years his junior, and the third is a gay male couple who have just adopted a Vietnamese baby.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the show's producers have signed on average Joe Jesse Tyler Ferguson (The Class) and teddy-bearish Eric Stonestreet (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) as our mundane gay heroes.

The show is being described as a modern day “Pride and Prejudice,” which can be taken to mean the gays come out on top. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

The question is: Is America ready for a garden variety gay couple?

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