The long awaited Lifetime Networks premiere of Prayers for Bobby is Saturday and PFLAG is hosting the parties.

In Prayers for Bobby, Sigourney Weaver (Aliens, Jeffrey) plays a mother so blinded by homophobia that she cannot see that she's driving her own gay son to suicide. It's the true story of Mary Griffith's heartbreaking transformation from staunch religious zealot to PFLAG-waiving gay activist after the death of her son, Bobby, at the young age of 20.

Weaver said the material in Prayers was “fascinating and disturbing.”

In reviewing the film, Variety called it “fresh and poignant” when comparing it to the groundbreaking AIDS-themed An Early Frost, and praised the filmmakers for keeping the movie “powerful without being unduly preachy.”

PFLAG says Griffith's story is not uncommon.

“Mary Griffith’s journey from a parent struggling with her son’s coming out to embracing the gay community is one that plays out in communities, and PFLAG chapters, every day,” PFLAG Director of Communications Steve Ralls told On Top Magazine in an email.

Much of Mary's spiritual evolution happens when she attends a local PFLAG chapter. And PFLAG groups around the nation are celebrating the film's powerful message with premiere events and viewing parties.

The official PFLAG viewing party is being held in Washington, D.C. After the movie, Scott Bailey (Guiding Light), who plays David, Bobby's boyfriend, will be available to answer questions.

The Dayton, Ohio PFLAG chapter is hosting a discussion on Sunday, the day after the film's premiere, that will include an appearance from Ryan Kelley, who plays Bobby Griffith in the film.

Several other PFLAG chapters are also planning events revolving around the premiere, Detroit, Winston-Salem, Nashville, Fort Worth and Key West included.

The Lifetime Networks original movie Prayers for Bobby is set to premiere on Saturday, January 24.

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