Two men and one teen suspected in the gang rape of a lesbian in the San Francisco area have pleaded not guilty, reports the Associated Press.

The plea of a fourth suspect, a 15-year-old boy taken into custody on December 30 and held at a juvenile detention center, was not released.

The four are accused of taunting a twenty-eight year old lesbian, repeatedly raping her and leaving her naked outside an abandoned apartment building in Richmond, California.

The woman was attacked on December 13 as she got out of her car, which bore a rainbow sicker, a symbol of gay pride. The four alledgedly taunted the woman about being a lesbian, then one struck her with a blunt object as she crossed the street, instructed her to remove her clothing and raped her while the other men held her down.

The men moved the victim to a burned-out building, where they took turns raping her. Afterwards, the assailants robbed her of her wallet and car. The abandoned car was found by police two days later.

A Saturday December 27 Richmond vigil for the woman might have helped solve the crime. Police report that tips from local residents led to the arrested.

Lawyers for Humberto Hernandez Salvador, 31, Josue Gonzalez, 21, and 16-year-old teenager Darrell Hodges entered pleas of not guilty to charges of kidnapping, carjacking, gang rape and sodomy.

Salvador, who also pleaded not guilty to a charge of committing a hate crime, and Hodges were taken into custody by police on December 30, while Gonzalez turned himself in the next day.

Hate crimes based on sexual orientation continue to increase nationwide, totaling about 16% of all hate related crimes, according to FBI statistics.