It's a gay day at On Top Magazine (it usually is) with the announcement that noted author Lee Lynch will make her celebrated column about lesbian life and politics, The Amazon Trail, available for the first time online at On Top Magazine.

Lynch started her writing career in the 1960's at The Ladder, the only lesbian publication at the time, and has gone on to write over 12 books. Her latest, Sweet Creek, is a bittersweet love story that became a 2007 Golden Crown Literary Society Award finalist.

But it is her monthly column The Amazon Trail, which she has faithfully penned since 1986 and turned into a book of the same name, that will grace our pageviews.

The publication of the column marks Lynch's first foray online. When we asked her about this, she answered: “More and more, the gay press is moving online. I want The Amazon Trail to reach as many readers as possible. It's a natural transition.”

What's changed in writing a column about gay life since the 60's, we wanted to know. Stonewall, Lynch says, it brought the gay press to life. And then came outlets and organization, she replies enthusiastically. “Now we even have syndicates. These days, there is much more good news thanks to gay activists and our press,” she says.

“I have a t-shirt from the 1993 gay pride march on D.C. that reads: 'We're Here, We're Queer, We're on a Deadline! That says it all.”

Lee Lynch's monthly column The Amazon Trail will debut online at On Top Magazine Wednesday, January 14.