Groundbreaking it was, but it seems the feature film based on cable channel Logo's Noah's Arc failed to attract a wide audience at the box office – after less than four months since its initial release the film makes its way to DVD.

Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom, the fist-ever gay television-to-movie crossover, was first announced in January 2007 and picks up where the 2006 second season left off.

The series first debuted on Logo in October 2005 as the gay cable channel's first drama. The series is often credited as the first high-profile drama to focus on the lives and loves of gay African-American men.

For two seasons the hour-long show drew praise and fans as Noah, Chance, Alex and Ricky showed America what being gay and black in West Hollywood was really like.

Jumping The Broom starts off with the gay marriage proposal cliffhanger that ended season two.

In the movie, the four friends travel to Martha's Vineyard to plan the perfect wedding for Noah and Wade. But even before the big day arrives, doubts begin to surface. Will the couple marry and find their happily-ever-after?

The movie surprised with an impressive $32,000 per-screen average weekend opening in three cities, New York City, Washington and Atlanta included. But a wider release failed to gain traction, and on February 3 – less than four months after its big opening – Jumping The Broom is heading to the virtual shelves of Netflix.

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