A second transgender woman who worked as a prostitute has been shot in Memphis, reports 24 News, a local ABC affiliate.

Leeneshia Edwards remains in critical condition after being shot at close range around 5AM in south Memphis on December 23.

Investigators say Edwards was shot in the jaw, side and back as she was turning to get out of her car and is currently undergoing multiple surgeries at “The Med.”

“I just hope when she wakes up she can remember who it was,” says Nicole Holliwell, Edward's cousin.

It was just last month that the shooting death of Duanna Johnson, 43, another transgender female prostitute, made headlines nationwide. A video of Johnson being degraded in jail at the hands of Memphis cops and ultimately beaten down when she ignores their “he-she” taunts was widely circulated on the Internet in early 2008. Two officers lost their jobs over the incident, and Johnson returned to the streets, where she was shot on November 10. Memphis cops say they have no solid leads in the murder.

Edwards was last seen about 4AM at CK's Coffee Shop on Union Avenue in midtown Memphis.