A 17-year-old boy has confessed to police that he and his teenage brother strangled a gay teacher after he allegedly “got sexual” with him, reports The Associated Press.

Matthew Cox was found dead inside his Henderson, Nevada home on December 22 by a friend who had gone to check on his pets while Cox was away visiting family in Hopkins, Michigan for Christmas. His dead body lay motionless with a blanket over his head on a couch.

Juan Aguirre has told police that he and his 18-year-old brother, Jose Delatorre, strangled his music teacher because he made him uncomfortable with sexual advances the night he died.

On December 20, Cox, 32, picked up his student Aguirre and brother at Basic High School and took them back to his house. There they played video games.

Aguirre told investigators that Cox “started to get sexual with him” while the pair were alone upstairs. He said the advances made him uncomfortable.

27-year-old Jamie Quashnock, a friend of Cox, told investigators that Aguirre recently told Cox he was gay. And Cox confessed to his friend that if he weren't his teacher, he would have pursued a relationship with the boy.

The brothers killed the music teacher in his car, when he drove them home, strangling him for abut ten minutes. Afterwards, they drove back to Cox's home and left his body on the couch. The pair also stole valuable electronics from Cox's home, including a Wii video game system, an iPod music player and a laptop computer.

Aguirre told police that he kissed the teacher on the cheek before leaving, saying he did not mean to hurt him, just rob him.

“Never in a million year would my son have done anything with this kid,” Debra Armstrong, Cox's mother, told ABC 13. “He just wanted to help, help straighten kids out. God will come through for Matthew.”

The mother of the two suspects is accused of helping the pair hide the car where Cox was strangled.