The conversation was already getting heated and I had only made a simple statement.

OTM Qpeep Slim is sitting in front of me at Big Joe, where we are surrounded by men with tiny dogs sitting on their laps as they converse, drink coffee, or play Uno. The walls are covered with Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein underwear ad on Times Square sized photographs suggestive of Abercrombie & Finch boys. We sit beneath a poster of two hard-bodied, hairless, and shirtless boys staring down at us, their madras plaid shorts situated below the hip revealing their boxers underneath. If you look carefully, you'll notice the drawstrings of their shorts are tied together into an elegant knot. Overhead show tunes from obscure Broadway shows are piped in.

With a Peppermint Patty Mocha in my right hand, I carefully maneuver my Nokia N95 multimedia-computer phone into my coat pocket, thinking I should know better than to initiate such explosive topics with Slim.

“Why should anybody listen to what Sir Elton John has to say about religion?” Slim asks.

“All I'm saying is that he's got a point when it comes to religion and homosexuality, he's saying something I wish more people would say,” I respond.

“Of COURSE he’s got a point; it’s obvious. But why do we listen up only when celebrities say it? It's totally incomprehensible. Significant studies have been published and praised by actual, bona fide sociologists but never given this kind of attention. For example, there was a study where men who described themselves as 'homophobic' were electronically wired to measure their sexual arousal. The homophobes were not significantly aroused by straight porn, they were turned on by...wait for porn! I say these findings are deserving of more media attention than EJ's off-the-cuff comments!”

“In Lawrence v. Texas the United States Supreme Court decriminalized homosexuality and nobody blinked, this was 2003, just three years ago. But then again, the court does not include a disco ball, does it?”

“Ok, right, those are good examples, I agree, but none of them carry the celebrity of Sir Elton John and because of that more people will hear and ultimately listen to the message,” I say.

“I just wish people would rub a couple brain cells together to make a spark on their own once in a while, without needing celebrities to make it okay for them to think,” Slim snorts derisively.

“Besides, Sir Elton John can eat me!” Slim continues, “I was walking down the street one day when EJ came along and 'POP' his vagina fell out!”

I begin to laugh and ask, “Where was this, London?”

“No, no, right down the street,” Slim answers pointing to the snow covered corner. “My Father always said, 'Son, you'll go far in life if you remember one simple rule: A gentleman always stops to pick up a man's vagina, should it fall out. So I did. Elton thanked me and promised me a reward of 100 pounds, yet here we sit four years later, no reward. I hate that bitch!”

I continue to laugh, then say, “'POP' I think my vagina just fell out!” as I express surprise and cup my hands over my groin.