Blackbook breaks down gay Las Vegas for us with the top five scenes. And should you have missed this post on the Blackbook blog (, we've got it here for you.

Sin City is making its grab for the growing business of gay tourism; gone are the days of limited gay venues among the bright lights.

There is only one gay venue on the Vegas Strip: Krave (, featuring sweaty-fun nightly events such as Wednesday's So You Think You Can Strip competition. Shirtless boys and eye-candy girls flock to the warehouse dance space. “There's more strippers per-square foot than at most topless bars,” says Blackbook.

The remaining four bars are located east of the Strip. In the mood to run into Britney Spears or Paris Hilton? Head over to Piranha nightclub (, where you might find them swimming in the giant piranha aquarium, or dancing on the huge concrete dance floor. The plush ultra lounge 81/2 is not to be missed.

Located within staggering distance is Gipsy (, the original, notorious gay scene in Vegas. calls it “the most uninhibited and unpretentious dance club in town.”

Vegas' newest gay bar is the leather-themed Fun Hog Ranch ( A laid-back atmosphere of wood paneling and strong drinks at a centrally located watering hole offers masculine camaraderie.

Just minutes from the Hard Rock Hotel you'll find Freezone (, a dive bar worth looking into, where a young crowd has been packing the dance floor to see raunchy drag shows for ten years.

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