Graham Cogman, a parish constable from Norfolk, UK, has been forced to resign after promoting the notion that gays can be “cured” and that gay sex is sinful, reports the BBC.

The 49-year-old constable says he had been bombarded with gay-themed emails from gay liaison officers – including one that encouraged staff to wear a pink ribbon in support of Gay History month – when he began writing his own emails in return two years ago.

He circulated emails suggesting gay sex was sinful and in another he included details of an American organization promising to “cure” gays.

In an email to the a gay liaison officer, he included the phrase “Love the sinner, hate the deed.”

“This officer's behavior fell well below what we expect of our people,” Deputy Chief Constable Ian Learmonth said. “The outcome follows a thorough investigation with evidence presented to a misconduct panel of three, two of whom were independent of the constabulary.”

“Our diversity policy sets out a clear and unequivocal position,” he added. “We will not tolerate discriminatory behavior of any kind.”

Constable Cogman says the force is “blatantly biased” against his Christian beliefs.