Adrian Poleglase greeted the twenty-one-year-old man he had propositioned on the Internet at his London, UK home dressed in high heels, a sexy short black miniskirt and a blond wig believing he was in for a night of sexy fun. Instead, Poleglase found himself bound and blindfolded, stabbed and robbed, while having his home torched, a court in London heard on Wednesday, reports the UK's Daily Mail.

Poleglase, a forty-something civil servant, told the court at the Old Bailey that Ahsan Mahmudd attempted to murder him.

The unlikely pair met on the dating section of the Gumtree website (the British equivalent of Craig's List) last March. Mark Gadsden, Poleglase's attorney, said “Adrian Poleglase, the complainant, is an openly gay man who is an occasional transvestite, and who, from time to time, places advertisements in order to meet other men for no-strings-attached sex at his flat.”

After agreeing to a sexual rendezvous at Poleglase's home in Stockwell, south west London, at around 7:30pm, the pair became acquainted over a bottle of wine.

“Whilst in the kitchen, the defendant became sexually aroused, and Mr. Poleglase, dressed as I have described, gave him oral sex,” Gadsden told the court.

Afterwards, in the bedroom, Mahmudd bound and blindfolded the transvestite calling himself Claire, who told jurors that he believed this was a bondage game.

But once restrained, Poleglase was stabbed seven times with a kitchen knife and robbed of his laptop and credit cards. Poleglase said that when he attempted to escape, the defendant torched his home.

Poleglase managed to call for help.

Mahmudd, however, denies all of it, saying that it was Poleglase that demanded sex of him at knifepoint.

The London trial continues.