Drunk and unemployed, Mark Malone took out his misfortunes on a fifty-year-old retired accountant by plunging a twelve-inch carving knife into the unsuspecting victim's back when approached for sex in a men's restroom outside of London, England. Malone was found guilty of murder Tuesday and faces a near certain life-sentence for the anti-gay hate crime, reports the BBC.

Jeff Akers met his maker at the hands of Malone while cruising for sex at a toilet frequented by gay men in Walton-on-Thames, outside of London, England. Malone told the court at the Old Bailey that he'd lashed out at Akers after being propositioned for sex, but could not remember attacking the gay man.

“It was a totally unprovoked attack by Mark Malone and the only possible motive homophobia, a dislike of homosexuals,” said the prosecution.

Malone, 30, who has a history of anti-gay attacks, had served a three-moth jail sentence in 2003 after attacking an autistic man he believed was hitting on him. Justifying the attack, Malone told police the man was “freaking him out” because he was “fucking gay.” And he had attacked another gay man at the same restroom just months before he murdered Akers.

Malone's history of violence dates back to 1993, the court heard.

Akers was an openly gay man, who shared a home with his partner, Mike Drew, of 22 years in Wallington, south London.

Drew said in a statement which was read to the court that Akers was loved by everybody and participated in the gay community, particularly helping people infected with HIV.

“I feel that there is only half of me now. I have to look at everything differently. He was really loved by everybody,” Drew said.

Malone, a married father, had drunk a bottle of vodka on the day of the attack. He said his memory of the incident was hazy, but admitted to knowing the restroom was frequented by gay men looking for sex. Malone said that he “had no issues with the gay community and that he himself was not an angry person.”