On the October 30th broadcast of Savage Nation, conservative radio talk-show host Michael Savage told listeners that gay marriage is a “threat to civilization itself.”

Savage told an estimated 8.5 million listeners on October 29th that you would need to be “insane” or “hate the Bible” to support gay marriage.

“Now, in the state of California, which leads both for the good and the bad in many ways politically, there's a ballot initiative on homosexual marriage that is more important than you could imagine,” Savage said.

“It's called Proposition 8, and you must vote 'yes' if you're sane. If you're insane, hate the family, hate man and woman, hate your mother and father, hate the Bible, hate the church, and hate the synagogue, of course you're in favor of 'no' on Proposition 8, which is where most of the Democrat politicians are, because they are exactly what you think they are.”

The next day, the radio talk-show host said: “[T]he people who don't have families don't understand that, as difficult as family life is, life is impossible without it. ... They don't understand what the family unit is. It's the strongest bond on Earth, which is why homosexual marriage is such a threat to civilization itself.”

Savage, whose talk show is rated 3rd in the nation behind only The Rush Limbaugh Show and The Sean Hannity Show, has often railed against gays and lesbians.

In August, Savage told listeners that the Hispanic and gay lobbies of the Democratic Party are “against the white person.”

“The Democratic Party is the minority party. There is no question about it. Obama is a minority, a half minority at least,” Savage said. “The membership is made up largely of minority blocs, the Hispanic caucus and the gay caucus – caucuses that are all against the white person.”

And in July, Super Talk Mississippi, which owns and operates seven conservative radio stations in Mississippi, canceled Savage and his radio show after he crossed-the-line by claiming that autism was a “fraud” and a “racket” where “99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out.”

Parents of autistic children were outraged. They said the comments were cruel and demanded an apology.

Instead of an apology, Savage lashed out at the group that had originally reported his comments, Media Matters. Savage called the group a “Stalinist,” “anti-family,” “illegitimate, dangerous fascist group.”

He also said the group was led by “men who like men.”