The things a mother will do to find a nice husband for her lesbian daughter are bloodied beyond recognition in The Gay Bed And Breakfast Of Terror, but that might just be the point of the movie. And if you take your horror films with a side of gay campy satire, then be sure to make reservations at the Sahara Salvation Inn.

After failing to secure accommodations in the city for the annual “Blue Party,” five gay and lesbian couples covering practically every imaginable gay stereotype find their way to the inn of last resort on the outskirts of town.

The dilapidated inn is tended by God-fearing Helen (Mari Marks) and her backwards daughter Luella (Georgia Jean).

While the couples bicker about as they prepare for the big party, mother and daughter scheme to seduce one of the gay men to be wed to Luella, a sex-craved lesbian.

But a greater evil lurks in the darkness of the inn's attic. Manfred (Noah Naylor) is the boy-monster born from the semen of a 100 Republican convention delegates that instinctively gnaws and mauls gays and lesbians.

The film's satirical edge might be a bit too sharp for a mainstream (ie, straight and/or Republican) audience, but if you're looking for a campy, uniquely gay gory experience to complete this horrifying election season, please visit The Gay Bed & Breakfast Of Terror.

Written and directed by Jaymes Thompson and released by Ariztical Entertainment, The Gay Bed & Breakfast Of Terror is now playing in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver.