A follow up commercial from anti-gay marriage backers in California focuses on gay marriage being taught to children in public schools.

The Yes-on-8 campaign has stepped up its pressure on undecided voters to vote for Proposition 8 – the anti-gay initiative that would forbid gay marriage in California – with a new scare tactic.

In the new ad, a mother is frightened as her daughter tells her that she learned that she could marry a princess at school. The ad falsely warns that without Proposition 8, gay marriage would be taught in public schools.

The only mention related to marriage in the California education code has to do with navigating the financial and legal responsibilities of marriage – an optional class for school districts.

The inclusion of Associate Professor of Law Richard Peterson in the ad opened a new controversy, when his employer, the Pepperdine Law School, requested removal of any association with the anti-gay campaign.

“[The Yes-on-8] ad does not represent a Pepperdine University-endorsed position,” wrote Pepperdine University Alumni and Career Services Executive Director Nicole Hall. “Pepperdine University does not advocate for/against candidates or ballot propositions. We immediately requested to have the ad pulled entirely or for them to have the reference to Pepperdine University deleted from the ad since the professor in the ad was not advocating a Pepperdine position, but his own personal view.”

Hall said the Yes-on-8 campaign had agreed to remove any reference to Pepperdine University from its original ad and website. However, the second ad clearly names Richard Peterson as a professor at Pepperdine University School of Law.

The campaign's first ad featuring an unfortunate sound bite from San Francisco Mayor Newson is being given credit for influencing some voters. A new CBS/SurveyUSA poll released Monday shows a majority of Californians supporting the gay marriage ban by five percent (47% to 42%). Previous polls had shown the gay marriage ban failing. Analysts say the race remains too close to call.

Meanwhile, gay marriage advocates, who recently reported a $10 million disadvantage behind gay marriage foes, released their second effort as well. In 30-seconds the spot plucks at the unjust nature of Proposition 8.

In the ad, two women discuss gay marriage at a kitchen table. When one says she does not know how she feels about gay marriage, she other comforts her by asking, “Are you willing to eliminate rights and have our laws treat people differently?” The first woman thinks for a moment, then answers, “No.”