Idaho Senator Larry Craig will end his silence and appeal to the court of public opinion in an exclusive “Matt Lauer Reports” primetime special on Tuesday, October 16 and on “Today” Wednesday, October 17th, an NBC press report said.

Craig is expected to discuss his August arrest in a Minneapolis men's room for lewd behavior, his failed attempt to withdraw his guilty plea in the case, and his recent retraction of his resignation from the Senate. It is also widely assumed Craig will once again deny being gay.

The network said Lauer will also interview the Senator's wife, Suzanne Craig, who will be speaking publicly for the first time about her husband's troubles.

Craig, 62, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct after being arrested during a Minneapolis sex sting targeting public sex in an airport men's room. The undercover officer making the arrest said he believed Craig was seeking a sexual encounter. After reports exposed his guilty plea Craig announced his intention to resign from the Senate, but quickly changed course stating that his resignation was on condition of failure to withdraw his guilty plea.

Senate Republican colleagues have applied pressure on Craig to resign since the scandal broke, threatening him with a Senate Ethics Committee investigation.

Despite failing to withdrawal his guilty plea, Craig has vowed to serve out his term, proclaiming his innocence. Craig also said he will remain to “clear my name in the Senate Ethics Committee – something that is not possible if I am not serving in the Senate.”