Singer-actress Kristin Chenoweth says in a new interview that she's lost fans over her vocal support for LGBT rights.

“Oh, I've definitely lost fans,” she told Michigan LGBT weekly PrideSource.

Chenoweth has spoken publicly about her religious faith, describing herself as a “non-judgemental, liberal Christian.”

While promoting As I Am, a Christian music album, in 2005 she was disinvited from performing at a Women of Faith conference after she assured her theater fans that she supports LGBT rights.

“I've been fired from Women in Faith,” she said. “The haters online and on social media are there.”

Chenoweth said that the experience has made her “tougher or something.”

“Even if you believe different things, you still want to be able to have music in common. And now, I guess maybe what's changed is, it's okay if you don't like my music. If you don't like what I believe, maybe I don't want you to,” she said.

Chenoweth's latest studio album, The Art of Elegance, was released last month.