Simon Lokodo, Uganda's cabinet minister in charge of ethics and integrity, has threatened to arrest activists behind a planned LGBT Pride parade in Kampala, the nation's capital.

“The organisers of the planned Gay Parade on Saturday 24th September 2016 are advised to stop their activities immediately or otherwise they will be arrested and prosecuted in the court of law,” Lokodo said in a statement given to local media.

A colonial-era law makes homosexuality illegal in Uganda.

The government approved a law in 2014 that dramatically increased the penalties for those convicted of “aggravated homosexuality,” but a court later struck down the legislation.

One of the activists, Frank Mugisha, told the AP that he has been awaiting police authorization to hold an event this weekend.

Lokodo called on the public to “refrain from joining and participating in Gay activities.”

“We are aware that there are inducements, including money, being offered to young people to promote the practice,” he asserted without providing details or evidence of such crimes.

He added that there is “no violence against the LGBT community in Uganda.”