North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory on Tuesday claimed that the head of the nation's largest LGBT rights group threatened him over passage of the state's anti-gay law.

McCrory told a Charlotte Rotary Club audience that HRC President Chad Griffin had promised during a meeting earlier this year to make the state an example over passage of House Bill 2, which limits LGBT rights in the state and prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in government buildings and schools.

“He said, governor, I'm going to make North Carolina the epicenter of the transgender bathroom movement in the United States of America,” McCrory said. “And once I finish with North Carolina, I'm going to all the states of the United States.”

“We're going after you,” McCrory claimed Griffin told him.

In a statement, Griffin said that McCrory's recollection was a lie.

“Word for word, Governor McCrory lied to North Carolinians today,” Griffin said. “In the wake of HB2's passage six months ago, we hand-delivered a letter from more than 100 CEOs and business leaders urging Governor McCrory to repeal the bill, and we warned Governor McCrory about the damage he had set in motion. During the meeting, we asked him to fix the problem he created and to work with us on a constructive path forward to repealing HB2. We also asked him to meet with LGBTQ North Carolinians, which he has still not done. Instead of working with us, Governor McCrory has attacked us publicly and has continued to falsely characterize our conversation.”

“North Carolinians deserve better. We told the governor that if he didn't fix the disaster he created, that he alone would be responsible for tarnishing the reputation of the state and killing jobs. We urged him to consult other Republican governors that have gone through similar battles but who did the right thing, including Governors Deal and Daugaard,” he added.

Griffin added that McCrory refused to allow the meeting to be filmed.